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The shape of the nose in different races

Shape of the nose

The shape of the nose in different races

The shape of the nose varies among different races, moreover, often in the form of the nose can be quite accurately determine the nationality of the person. Strictly speaking, this is an exaggeration, but tell a southerner from the Northerner can.

In the matter of the influence of different geographical zones in the formation of nose jobs are still many unclear, but the influence of climatic conditions, no doubt.

Wide and low nose Africans are not overloaded with "concerns" about the warmth of air. Noses people and the cooler mountain regions are often high, narrow and often bumpy. Noses of people living in extreme north of the small - not to pass immediately a large quantity of cold air and short - to avoid frost.

Nature is wise and takes the most natural functional solutions. For example, a narrow nose, usually happens with the hump, so that when the narrow nasal passages to keep the bandwidth at the expense of vertical dimension.

These seemingly abstract arguments are of great importance in reconstructive operations. Thus, the mistaken removal of bump and binding in this process of convergence sides of the nose significantly narrow bandwidth of the nasal passages and can lead to a breach of the respiratory process.

The transformation of the plane and a small Asian nose high and thin nose does not violate the functions, because, as a rule, technically done without violating the internal anatomy of the nasal bone by increasing the department any implants.

But in this case, doctors are often faced with the usual national image. I had to return the old shape of the nose, because relatives refused to take back his fellow tribesman with a European nose. In man fighting two opposing desires: to be like at all and at the same time benefit from all different. Enough to easily understand the desire to have national characteristics and to be like their surroundings. More difficult to explain the desperate desire for radical change in the shape of the nose and the attainment of appearance, certainly not in conformity with the aesthetic ideal of a certain race.

In this regard, remember one girl who, despite the traditional desire to have a "tip line and a small" insisted on a version of a fairly large nose with a small hump and a little sagging tip. Girl belly dancers and arguments like the surgeon and the urgent request of my mother she just listened, stubbornly keeping their own opinion.

The history of plastic surgery of the nose (rhinoplasty)


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